Halloween Inspired Videos

Posted: October 30, 2014 in New Wave, Rock, Synthpop
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As Halloween is only a day away, I thought it was time to seek out more videos that embody the spirit of the holiday. Below are some clips that are creepy, eerie, or just plain strange (which there seemed to be no shortage of in the eighties).

A Flock of Seagulls’ video for “Nightmares” has adults dealing with severe mommy issues. The video contains an abundance of creepy dolls and a descent into madness, all of which go well with the eeriness of the song. The song is off the group’s second album, Listen, released in 1983.


The video for The Cure’s “Lullaby” finds Robert Smith as a victim of a man/spider hybrid, played by Smith. The rest of the band appear as cob-webbed, ghostly figures haunting Smith. The video ends with Smith being swallowed by a giant spider. Released in 1989, the video went on to win the Best British Video award in 1990.


“Why Me” from Planet P Project is a cross between a ‘60s B-movie and a Twilight Zone episode. The video features a woman driving at night with some unwanted visitors in the backseat, and an astronaut on a failed mission. Formed by musician Toney Carey in the early eighties, Planet P Project was an outlet for Carey’s love of prog/space rock. Watch for the Scanners-like ending of the video.



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