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For the second in the series of podcasts on favorite ’80s finds, I decided to focus on overlooked ’80s UK synthpop. Synthpop is one of my favorite genres of music and, needless to say, there was an abundance of great music from this region. I narrowed the playlist down to 13 songs, which was no easy task, so may just have to do a part 2 on this category. As always, I provide a bit of information on the bands/artists, when available. Below is the track list and you can listen to the podcast here. Hope you enjoy!

  • I Start Counting “Letters to a Friend” (1984)
  • Illustration “Danceable” (1980)
  • Henry Badowski “My Face” (1980)
  • Eternal Triangle “Nothing But a Friend” (1984)
  • Pictures Like This “A Night’s Vendetta” (1983)
  • VHF “No Surprise” (1982)
  • Disciples of Spess “Another New Iceland” (1987)
  • Ice The Falling Rain “Lifes Illusion” (1983)
  • White Door “Windows” (1983)
  • Almost Alone “Blue City” (1983)
  • Secession “Touch Part 1” (1984
  • Leisure Process “Love Cascade” (1982)
  • Vision “Lucifer’s Friend” (1982)

After spending so much time digging up unearthed ’80s gems, I’ve decided to do a series of podcasts highlighting some of my favorite finds. I’ve always been a bit intimidated by the technical side of podcasts. Fortunately, I’m lucky enough to have a technically-skilled friend who did the recording and editing. The first episode is mainly devoted to obscure indie pop, but you may hear a classic or two. I also provide a bit of information on the bands/artists, when available. You can listen to the podcast here. Hope you enjoy the selections!

Following is the track listing:

  1. “A Hundred Words” by The Beloved (1986)
  2. “Forms of Edge” by 33 Tears (1989)
  3. “Say Goodbye” by Weeping Messerschmitts (1986)
  4. “The Invisible State” by Bill Pritchard (1989)
  5. “Heart Happy” by A House (1987)
  6. “Talk About the Past” by The Wake (1984)
  7. “Melt Like Ice” by The Wild Flowers (1983)
  8. “Innocense” by Conspiracy of Silence (1987)
  9. “You Should All Be Murdered” by Another Sunny Day (1989)
  10. “Cincinnati” by HolidayMakers (1988)
  11. “Between Something and Nothing” by The Ocean Blue (1989)

If you had the opportunity to play DJ for a night, wouldn’t you take it? That’s exactly what I did for my birthday this weekend. Decided to rent out a local club for a couple of hours and invited friends to dance the night away before opening to the public. The challenge? The playlist had to be limited to two hours. Fortunately, the DJ gave me a bonus hour, as long as I didn’t play any later-in-the-night favorites. So, for hour three, I had to reel it in a bit but still managed to throw in some favorites while trying to appeal to the masses. The music covered many genres and spanned a few decades but, of course, the bulk of the songs were from the ‘80s.

I started off the night with something relaxing and danceable and then moved into some minimal wave favorites. This was followed by some early ‘80s post-punk, gothy material that flowed into new wave and synthpop. Even managed to slip in some LCD Soundsystem without a hitch. The last part of hour two was a mixed bag of glam rock, indie, and punk. Hour three was filled with ‘80s new wave staples, jangle pop, and some indie classics. All in all, tried to get in a little something for everyone. The dance floor moved all night and there is nothing like hearing your favorite songs on the big speakers. Might have to make this an annual event.

Pretending to work the decks.

Playing DJ v2

Here’s the complete playlist:

Torch – Soft Cell (1982)
The Last Song – Trisomie 21 (1986)
Watching Trees  – Eleven Pond (1986)
Romantic Me – Polyrock (1980)
Disorder – Joy Division (1979)
Primary – The Cure (1981)
Last Year’s Wife – Zero Le Creche (1984)
A Day Without Me – U2 (1980)
Everywhere I Go – The Call (1986)
Ahead – Wire (1987)
Nowhere Girl – B-Movie (1982)
The Damned Don’t Cry – Visage (1982)
I Die: You Die – Gary Numan (1980)
Messages – OMD (1980)
Up All Night – Boomtown Rats (1981)
Lawnchairs – Our Daughter’s Wedding (1980)
I Can Change – LCD Soundsystem (2010)
Dreaming of Me – Depeche Mode (1981)
Angst In My Pants – Sparks (1982)
Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four) – Eurythmics (1984)
Why? – Bronski Beat (1984)
The Cutter – Echo & the Bunnymen (1983)
Glamorous Glue – Morrissey (1992)
The Jean Genie – David Bowie (1972)
Candy – Iggy Pop (1990)
Dreaming – Blondie (1979)
Janie Jones – The Clash (1977)
Anything Anything – Dramarama (1985)
Sheena Is a Punk Rocker – The Ramones (1977)
Last Caress – The Misfits (1978)
Eighties – Killing Joke (1984)
Mandinka – Sinead O’Connor (1987)
Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) – Flock of Seagulls (1982)
To Look at You – INXS (1982)
The Ghost In You – Psychedelic Furs (1984)
Blue Savannah – Erasure (1989)
Rattlesnakes – Lloyd Cole & the Commotions (1984)
Love Is the Law – Suburbs (1984)
Crash – Primitives (1988)
Chamber of Hellos – Wire Train (1983)
She Bangs the Drums – Stone Roses (1989)
Ceremony – New Order (1981)
Inside Out – The Mighty Lemon Drops (1988)
A Million Miles Away – The Plimsouls (1983)
We Are Not Alone – Karla DeVito – (1985)
Masquerade – Berlin (1983)
Mad World – Tears for Fears (1983)

I look for any occasion to get a group of ‘80s music lovers together, and NYE seemed like the perfect opportunity. Since we’re both not too keen on venturing out on NYE, my husband and I decided to throw a dinner party to ring out the year. Fortunately, all attendees either grew up in the ‘80s or had a love of ‘80s music. With that kind of crowd, I couldn’t help but put together a playlist of songs from the era that included old favorites, rediscoveries, and new music I’ve come across this past year. Oh, we also attempted to play some games but the music took over and our living room became a dance floor until the wee hours of the morning.

Along with the usual suspects (Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, The Smiths, etc.), the playlist included songs from bands I had forgotten about over the years. Bands such as The Members (“Working Girl”), The Producers (“She Sheila”), Wire Train (“Chamber of Hellos”), and Felony (“The Fanatic”) found a much overdo spot on the playlist. Although sharing forgotten songs with the group was enjoyable, it was the unearthed gems I was most looking forward to playing. For a few, it was the first time hearing some of the songs and for others they brought back fond memories.

One of the bands I recently rediscovered is The Bolshoi. I knew of The Bolshoi back in the day but embarrassingly had never listened to any of their songs. My current favorite (and one I can’t seem to stop playing) is “Can You Believe It?” off their 1987 LP Lindy’s Party. It features an addictive, bouncy synth line and a heavy drum bass. I’ll definitely be seeking out more from them for a future post.


Another band discovered this past year is The Monochrome Set. From what I’ve come across they were favorites of Morrissey and Johnny Marr. This is another band that I’ll be exploring and posting about in the New Year. The song “He’s Frank” was first released as a single in 1979 and re-released as a slightly different version years later. I prefer this version, in which they sound like a cross between the Violent Femmes and The Velvet Underground. Just as above, there was no official video for the song available.


I’ve been away for a while but am looking forward to sharing more classics and overlooked songs of the ‘80s in 2016!

The first weekend in December is when we host our annual holiday party. This year we decided on a theme near and dear to my heart – ‘80s new wave music (with a dash of ‘70s). So with plenty of hairspray and makeup on hand, my husband and I prepared for the night. The drinks consisted of Sex on the Beach, Kamikazes, Fuzzy Navels, and wine coolers. In the weeks leading up to the party, I went back and forth on what to play. Should the playlist be filled with popular classics or should I pull out the deep cuts? In the end, the playlist consisted of what I hope was a good balance of popular and a bit of the obscure. The dance floor was active all night; it helps to have guests who love ‘80s music. Below is the party playlist.

1. So Long – Fischer-Z (1980) 30. Kids In America – Kim Wilde (1981) 59. Everything Counts – Depeche Mode (1983)
2. Big In Japan – Alphaville (1984) 31. Lucky Number – Lene Lovich (1978) 60. Just Like Heaven – The Cure (1987)
3. Here Comes The Rain Again – Eurythmics (1984) 32. 99 Luftballons – Nena (1983) 61. Pop Muzik – M (1979)
4. Doctor! Doctor! – The Thompson Twins (1984) 33. Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream) – Icicle Works (1983) 62. Fashion – David Bowie (1980)
5. Love My Way – The Psychedelic Furs (1982) 34. I Will Follow – U2 (1980) 63. Girls On Film – Duran Duran (1981)
6. Dance Hall Days   – Wang Chung (1984) 35. In a Big Country – Big Country (1983) 64. Politics Of Dancing – Re-Flex (1982)
7. Things Can Only Get Better – Howard Jones (1985) 36. Church Of The Poison Mind – Culture Club (1983) 65. Lips Like Sugar – Echo & The Bunnymen (1987)
8. Who Can It Be Now? – Men At Work (1981) 37. Lover Come Back (To Me) – Dead or Alive (1985) 66. Do They Know It’s Christmas? – Band Aid (1984)
9. Save It For Later – The English Beat (1982) 38. China – The Red Rockers (1983) 67. Mad World – Tears for Fears (1982)
10.  Senses Working Overtime – XTC (1982) 39. Heaven – The Psychedelic Furs (1984) 68. It’s My Life – Talk Talk (1984)
11. One Thing Leads To Another – Fixx (1983) 40. Smalltown Boy – Bronski Beat (1984) 69. The Look of Love, Pt. 1 – ABC (1982)
12. I Got You – Split Enz (1980) 41. A Little Respect- Erasure (1988) 70. The Walk – The Cure (1983)
13. Oh L’amour – Erasure (1986) 42. Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode (1981) 71. Ahead – Wire (1987)
14. Johnny and Mary – Robert Palmer (1980) 43. The Safety Dance – Men Without Hats (1983) 72. Channel Z – The B-52’s (1989)
15. She Blinded Me With Science – Thomas Dolby (1982) 44. Messages (Single Version) – OMD (1980) 73. Beautiful World- Devo (1981)
16. Der Kommissar – After the Fire (1982) 45. Peek-A-Boo – Siouxsie & The Banshees (1988) 74. Living On Video – Trans-X (1983)
17. The One Thing – INXS (1982) 46. Revenge – Ministry (1983) 75. Digital – Joy Division (1978)
18. (Keep Feeling) Fascination – The Human League (1983) 47. Lucretia My Reflection – The Sisters Of Mercy (1988) 76. Dreaming – Blondie (1979)
19. Promised You A Miracle – Simple Minds (1982) 48. Nemesis – Shriekback (1985) 77. Never Say Never – Romeo Void (1982)
20. Do You Want To Hold Me? – Bow Wow Wow (1983) 49. Obsession – Animotion (1984) 78. Age of Consent – New Order (1983)
21. Always Something There to Remind Me – Naked Eyes (1982) 50. Destination Unknown – Missing Persons (1982) 79. Electricity – OMD (1979)
22. Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) – A Flock Of Seagulls (1983) 51. Tainted Love – Soft Cell (1981) 80. People Are People – Depeche Mode (1984)
23. Shout – Tears for Fears (1984) 52. Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses (1981) 81. Planet Earth – Duran Duran (1981)
24. West End Girls – Pet Shop Boys (1986) 53. Let Me Go – Heaven 17 (1982) 82. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes – Ultravox (1984)
25. Goodbye Horses (Clerks II Remix) – Garvey (feat. Q Lazzarus) (1988) 54. How Soon Is Now? – The Smiths (1985) 83. Send Me An Angel – Real Life (1983)
26. The Dead Heart – Midnight Oil (1986) 55. Legal Tender (Album Version) – The B-52’s (1983) 84. The Promise (Studio Version) – When In Rome (1987)
27. The Cutter – Echo & The Bunnymen (1983) 56. Nowhere Girl – B-Movie (1982) 85. Space Age Love Song – A Flock Of Seagulls (1982)
28. I Die: You Die (Video Version) – Gary Numan (1980) 57. The Metro – Berlin (1982) 86. It’s A Sin – Pet Shop Boys (1987)
29. Lawnchairs – Our Daughter’s Wedding (1980) 58. Cars – Gary Numan (1979) 87. Don’t Go – Yaz (1982)